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Insider Secrets Revealed Your car accident claim may be worth thousands more than you think - use the Base Calculator to prove it.

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"I figured my claim was worth $1,500. Your book showed me it was really worth $4,975. Your tips made it so easy for me to negotiate - and I settled for $5,214! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"


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Your neck hurts, you can't work, your life is in turmoil...and there's an insurance adjuster on the phone, trying to get you to agree to the tiny amount they want to pay you! 

What do you do?  Where can you turn for help?  How can you get fairly compensated for your injuries without turning over a third, or more, of your car accident settlement to a lawyer? 

Retired insurance executive Dan Baldyga shows you how to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your car accident insurance claim.   "Here's a place to get some answers amidst all the chaos."

Dan Baldyga was the National Claims Manager for one the nation's largest car insurance companies.   

Dan knows what auto insurance companies look for and what they will agree to pay -- because he was the one who directed the car accident settlements!

The site contains a wealth of valuable, free information.   For even more information order Dan's latest book, Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim (How To Evaluate and Settle Your Claim). 

Maximize Your Car Accident Claim

  • Get paid for all your car accident expenses including motor vehicle repairs, medical and chiropractic treatment, lost wages and more.

Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim

Car Accident, Auto Accident, Insurance Claim Help 

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