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The BASE (Baldyga Auto Accident Settlement Evaluation) Formula was developed by Author Dan Baldyga after spending half of his life determining how much personal  injuries, (including "pain and suffering"), are worth.   Mr. Baldyga, was the national claims manager for one the country's largest insurance companies.  He knows what insurance companies look for and what they will agree to pay since he was the one who directed the settlements!
 Let's look at a sample claim first:
Medical Bills $ 726
Auto Repair  $ 1,576
Temporary Transportation (Rental Car) $ 430
Lost Wages $ 844
Grand Total $ 3,576

This example claim is actually worth between $5,741 and $ 9,871 and an insurance company will generally readily pay this amount if presented properly.   Why?  Because of the hidden personal injury portion of this claim including "pain and suffering."

How do you calculate the value of this personal injury including "pain and suffering"?   Very simply - by using The BASE Formula contained in the book for sale on this site, Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim (How to Evaluate and Settle Your Loss).    The Formula is explained in detail in the book and you can calculate a very precise value for your claim including "pain and suffering." 

As a special added bonus, this web site features a special Claims Calculator where you can input your own specific information and receive an answer about how much your claim is worth.  The Claims Calculator TM utilizes the proprietary and exclusive BASE Formula developed by author Dan Baldyga after spending over twenty years settling claims on behalf of the insurance companies.

The BASE Calculator can be used by entering data in the four fields at the top of this page. Purchase the book to understand how the calculator works and EXACTLY how much your claim is worth.  


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