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Here is some free information for those who have had an automobile accident and wish to get all they are entitled to.  For more comprehensive information including a way to calculate EXACTLY what the value of your claim is worth, please purchase "Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim (How To Evaluate and Settle Your Loss)" available for sale by download within this site.

You don't have to go to law school to handle most accident and personal injury claims.  If you engage an attorney to represent you he or she is going to reach in and scoop 33 1/3% to 50% right off the top of the settlement (where the cream floats!) - - for doing little or nothing - - when you could have done it yourself.

Insurance adjusters are employees of the insurance companies.  They do as they are told. Insurance companies, by their very nature, are structured to pay the least amount of money on a claim they can get away with.


Question 1

How do my medical expenses impact the value of a personal injury claim?

The higher the medical bills the greater the value of your claim.  Be sure to obtain all bills for services rendered plus final reports regarding your physical condition.  Make sure these reports include the length of the time of your "Partial Disability" and/or your "Total Disability".  Why?  Because that will go a long way in justifying both your "pain and suffering" and your lost wages.  These reports should be in your possession and read by you first (not sent directly to the insurance company).  Keep the original and send a copy to the adjuster. 

Question 2

What about my lost time from work?

You must be paid for every single dollar you lost even if you're reimbursed by some other insurance coverage you may have!  Lost time and earnings is really "Lost Earning Capacity".  You are entitled to compensation for lost time and earnings -- even if you have no actual loss of money -- such as, for example, when your salary is paid by your personal insurance or by taking sick leave or some similar arrangement. 

Question 3

How do I go about  the proper property damage estimate on my vehicle?

In the vast majority of motor vehicle accidents there is an "Agreed Cost To Repair" which has been arrived at between your damage repair person and the insurance adjuster.  There are other property losses that may have occurred such as damage to clothing, jewelry, watches, etc.  (These are covered so be sure to have written proof of the cost of each item plus the date it was purchased).

Question 4

I have Medical Payments Coverage.  How does that work?

This type of converge will pay you, up to certain limits, for all medical bills rising out of the accident - - regardless of who is at fault!  (Read this coverage carefully because so many people are covered in so many different ways).

A WORD ABOUT HEALTH INSURANCE PLANS:  In certain instances it may be possible to have your medical bills paid, and yet avoid any repayment, by using your non-automobile health insurance policy, or some other health plan you  have.  ("Yes" this means you may be able to collect twice for the same medical bills).

Question 5

What about the threat of obtaining a lawyer?  

This is a wake up call to the adjuster for three big reasons:  (a) The cost to his company immediately skyrockets the minute lawyers are brought into the picture; (b) Adjusters often feel it is a black mark on their record to have a case taken from them and put into litigation; (c) Their insured (the person who caused your damages and injury) won't be happy to be involved in a lawsuit.  

PLEASE NOTE:  If you do hire an attorney, it is reasonable to ask him to waive any percentages subtracted from the amount of money you have already negotiated, up to that point.

Question 6

How do you negotiate a fair settlement for yourself?  

Always show the insurance adjuster that you are willing to negotiate in "good faith".  The first rule of bargaining is to never lower your demand until the adjuster makes a counter-offer.  Negotiating a settlement for personal injury is much like any other negotiation.  You are the "seller" and the adjuster is the "buyer".   

BE PATIENT:  A claim settled in haste is rarely paid its fair and full value.  

Question 7

What is the single greatest thing I can do to increase the value of my claim?

Contains the exclusive BASE Formula that places a specific value on personal injury including "pain and suffering"


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